IEA Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR TCP)

The objective of EOR TCP is to disseminate the results of research and development for efficient use of hydrocarbon reservoirs. The EOR TCP supports national efforts to reduce costs of existing technologies and to research new technologies to enhance reservoir oil recovery.

Short Description

The Technology Collaboration Program on EOR was signed in 1979 by 5 OECD member states. Since then, representatives of 15 countries meet once a year to share and disseminate knowledge. The following six tasks have been active throughout last term

  • Studies of Fluids and Interfaces in Porous Media
  • Fundamental Research on Surfactants and Polymers
  • Development of Techniques for Gas Flooding
  • Thermal Recovery
  • Dynamic Reservoir Characterization
  • Emerging Technology

This work is contributing to technology development within the oil industry. Intent is to improve the economics of EOR to increase the recovery of oil originally in place (OOIP) and extend reservoir economic life.

The OMV Exploration & Production GmbH is Austria's representative in the TCP.


Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Russia, United Kingdom, South Korea, United States, Venezuela.

Contact Address

Torsten Clemens
OMV Exploration & Production GmbH
Gerasdorfer Straße 151
A-1210 Vienna, Austria