IEA SHC Solar Newsletter "Sustainable SolarHousing" Vol .44 October 2005

Experts in the joint work of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme and the IEA Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems, SHC Task 28/ECBCS Annex 38: Sustainable Solar Housing, collaborated to research how better to build very low energy, solar housing.


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Technologies investigated for application in such housing included: passive solar design, active solar systems for domestic hot water and space heating, photovoltaic electric supply systems, improved daylighting, and natural cooling. In this Task, special attention was given to the marketing aspects of low-energy housing. The work of Subtask A, described in this article, systematically investigated the marketing of exemplary projects and used this information to write a compact and practical guide for marketing of low-energy housing.

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IEA SHC Solar Newsletter "Sustainable Solar Housing" Vol .44 October 2005
October 2005, 9 pages