IEA PVPS Task 15: Successful Building Integration of Photovoltaics - A Collection of International Projects (2021)

The general aim of the work conducted by the international group of experts involved in IEA-PVPS Task 15, was to give a clue of what makes a project successful with reference to the use of Building Integration of Photovoltaics (BIPV)

Bibliographic Data

Roland Valckenborg, Lukas Gaisberger, Karl A. Berger, Újvári Gusztáv, Gabriele C. Eder, Peter Illich, Cristina S. Polo López, Simon Boddaert, Matteo del Buono, Nuria Martín Chivelet, Asier Sanz Martinez, Jun-Tae Kim;
Publisher: IEA PVPS Task 15
English, 238 pages

Content Description

A total of 25 case studies from 11 countries were collected, and they were classified in 

  • public buildings (5 cases); 
  • commercial buildings (12 case studies), 
  • residential buildings (8 case studies). 

As a result of the investigation it is possible to summarize some short conclusions to outline the state of the art of the use of BIPV, and the necessary steps to be taken towards its further deployment.

Despite we all know that a shift towards energy self sufficient buildings is necessary, despite the important energy related regulations and directives, despite the availability of many technologies and components, despite the topic of the use of photovoltaics in buildings has been investigated for over 20 years now, the use of photovoltaic in buildings is still not an "out of the box" choice.