Aerosols from biomass combustion (2005)

Proceedings of a workshop organised at the 18th of March 2005 in Graz. A summary of the meeting is available for download. The full proceedings are published as a separate book. IEA Implementing Agreement "Bioenergy".

Content Description

Tassk 32 has organised a workshop on aerosols in biomass combustion at the 18th of March 2005 at Graz University of Technology in co-operation with the Austrian Bioenergy Centre and the Graz University of Technology. A summary of the workshop, including the presentations, can be downloaded from the Task-homepage. The full proceedings are available as a separate book (Volume 6) in the Thermal Biomass Utilization book series of BIOS BIOENERGIESYSTEME GmbH.

Relevant topics:

  • Legislative regulations concerning fine particulate emissions
  • Health effects of aerosol immissions
  • Particle measurement techniques, aerosol characterization methods, and analyses
  • Release of aerosol forming species during combustion of biomass fuels
  • Aerosol formation and behavior in biomass combustion plants
  • Influence of aerosols on ash deposit properties
  • Aerosol emissions and emission control


Bibliographic Data

I. Obernberger (ed.), T. Brunner (ed.)
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IEA Bioenergy Task 32 "Biomass Combustion and Co-firing"