3rd IEA SHC Task 65 - Austrian National Workshop

8. April 2024
Hotel Europa, Graz, AT

This is the third of three workshops of the IEA SHC Task 65, which takes place at the national level. The purpose of these workshops is to bring together collected Austrian know-how into Task 65 and to reflect the findings of international experts, as well as to test the tools and methods developed.


  • IEA SHC Task 65
  • Neyer Brainworks GmbH
  • Universität Innsbruck
  • Dr. Jakob energy research GmbH & Co. KG
  • Green Chiller Association   

Content Description

Without further action, global cooling demand, especially in the Sunbelt countries, will triple by 2050. Previous IEA SHC tasks on the topic of solar cooling have brought significant progress in technology and economic efficiency. The knowledge on this has been collected primarily in OECD countries outside the Sunbelt.

The aim of this IEA SHC Task 65 is to adapt the technologies to the boundary conditions of the Sunbelt (hot/humid), to find and evaluate suitable system concepts and to publish and disseminate the advantages accordingly. In addition to system adjustments, the Austrian focus is on life cycle cost-benefit analysis and the further development of previous assessment tools.

Three Austrian National Workshops

  1. In the first national workshop (March 24th, 2021, online), service offered by Foreign Trade Austria with a view to solar cooling in the UAE, ADA and the Austrian Development Bank with a focus on Africa were presented. Austrian companies and institutes also introduced themselves.
  2. In the second national workshop in Innsbruck (March 24th, 2023), 10 companies, including SOLID and Ecotherm, presented and discussed products, implemented projects and other findings that positively support the topic of solar cooling.
  3. In the 2024 national final workshop (April 8th, 2024), the combined technical, ecological, economic life cycle assessment (LCCBA) and the developed LCCBA tool will be presented. Both the method used and the corresponding analyzes and evaluations represent an innovation in the field of solar heating and cooling and renewable energy.

The open discussion with Austrian stakeholders and experts in the three national workshops results in appropriate reviews of the approach and thus the further development of the methods.

Further information on the website of IEA SHC Task 65



  • 14:00 Welcome
    Christoph Brunner, General Manager, AEE Intec
  • 14:05 Presentation of Austrian priorities for Task 65
    Daniel Neyer, Subtask C leader, IEA SHC Task 65
  • 14:20 SunBeltChiller development and GIS-tool for global market analysis
    Manuel Riepl, Group leader, ZAE Bayern
  • 14:45 LCCBA-Tool – Initial analyzes and evaluations for a case study in Windhoek, Namibia
    Daniel Neyer, General Manager, Neyer Brainworks GmbH
  • 15:15 Requirements and adjustments of solar cooling systems for Sunbelt regions
    Manuel Ostheimer, Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter, UIBK
  • 15:30 Q & A session
    Uli Jakob, Task Manager, IEA SHC Task 65
  • 15:45 Break
  • 16:00 Introduction of Task Definition Meeting Solar Cooling for Emerging Economies
    Daniel Neyer, Subtask C leader, IEA SHC Task 65
  • 16:05 New Task on Solar Cooling for Emerging Economies Presentation of work plan and annex
    Uli Jakob, Task Manager, IEA SHC Task
  • 16:30 World Coffee with participants Inputs/feedback on the workplan
    Moderators: Uli Jakob, Daniel Neyer, Manuel Riepl
  • 17:30 Q & A session
    Uli Jakob / Daniel Neyer
  • 18:00 End of the Workshop


Participant Information


Registration by April 3rd, 2024 at daniel@neyer-brainworks.at.


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E-Mail: daniel@neyer-brainworks.at
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