Empowering Efficiency: A Policy Perspective on Data Centres

15. February 2024

This webinar of the IEA and the IEA-4E Efficient Demand Flexible Networks Annex (EDNA) aims to provide policy makers with information and evidence-based recommendations for measures to improve the energy efficiency of Data centres, including the impact and suggestions for their implementation, presented in a new report titled "Policy Development on Energy Efficiency of Data Centres".


This is a joint webinar of the IEA and the Efficient Demand Flexible Networks Annex (EDNA) of the IEA energy efficient end-use equipment Technology Collaboration Programme IEA-4E.

Content Description

This webinar is introducing the content of a recent report titled "Policy Development on Energy Efficiency of Data Cenrtres", and will discuss:

  • An overview of current data collection and registration projects on data centre energy efficiency.
  • An overview of current and planned government measures on data centre efficiency.
  • Quantitative estimates of the effect of possible government measures if implemented globally.
  • Other issues for policymakers to consider.

The report will be available for download on the EDNA Publications Area Site from 14 February 2024.


This webinar starts at 10:00 (CET) and will cover recent trends in energy use and efficiency gains of Data centres, followed by presenting the report's key findings, with a discussion afterwards with a moderated Q&A. Questions from the webinar participants are welcomed.

The presenters are:

  • Mr. Brendan Reidenbach, IEA analyst from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Inclusive Transitions, Digital Demand Driven Electricity Networks (3DEN) and Tracking Clean Energy Progress - Data Centres and Transmission Networks.
  • Mrs. Fiona Brocklehurst, Lead author of the "Policy Development on Energy Efficiency of Data Cenrtres" report and EDNA consultant (UK). 

Target Audience

Policy makers, technical experts and Data centre managers and operators interested in trends and developments on energy efficiency and policies for Data centres. 

Participant Information


Registration is open and is free of charge.

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