IEA HEV Task 45 - Electrified Roadways (E-Roads) Workshop #5

09. - 10. October 2023
Södertälje, SE

In the bi-annual meeting the participating countries will gather information, gain first-hand knowledge of how this technology is progressing and identify specific areas that may be of critical interes for further research.


International Energy Agency (IEA)

Content Description

Objective of Task 45

To develop a greater global understanding and awareness of electrified roadways (E-Roads), as well as related technologies developed and deployment activities in the participating countries. This task includes a study of international standards (JARI, SAE, ISO/IEC), technical approaches, grid interactions, integration of the power grid into the road infrastructure, and identifying benefits/challenges related to E-Roads.

There are four Technologies of Interest (TOI)s which Task 45 will focus on:

  • Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT)
  • Non-road Conductive (Overhead)
  • Non-road conductive (Side)
  • In-road conductive

Working method

The task will conduct bi-annual meetings which may include viewing locations of E-Roads research or deployment activities to gain first-hand knowledge of how this technology is progressing and to inform the HEV-TCP of new work. Based on information gathered from participating countries, specific areas may be identified as critical interest for further research.

 Task members will:

  • Develop an understanding of the challenges faced in various countries or markets by categorizing deployment approaches and requirements for E-Road technologies.
  • Conduct comparison of current technology development and address concerns for each of the TOIs.
  • Catalogue and compare standards (JARI, SAE, ISO/IEC) in areas such as power transfer, alignment or other vehicle controls, data security, and communications.
  • Summarize safety issues arising from vehicle to grid connections and road debris.
  • Understand the vehicle technology requirements and system resiliency plans for optimized E-Roads deployment at scale.
  • Catalogue potential grid impacts and understand grid requirements for at scale deployment of E-Road systems. 

Contact Address

Victoria Schopf