14. IEA Heat Pump Conference

15. - 18. May 2023
Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel, Chicago, U.S.

The theme of the Conference will be "Heat Pumps - Resilient and Efficient". The upcoming conference will serve as a forum to discuss the latest technologies in heat pumps, and exchange valuable knowledge in market, policy, and standards information on related technologies. Exhibitions will be held at the conference, to share products and technologies.


The conference is organized by the International Organizing Committee (IOC) and the National Organizing Committee (NOC) on behalf of the Executive Committee of the IEA HPT TCP.

Content Description

Clean, efficient, and reliable energy systems are essential to meeting basic needs for comfortable, secure, and environmentally friendly building environments; food processing, transport, and storage; and industrial processes.

Many analysts estimate that it will not be possible to achieve long-term climate, security, and energy goals without increasing the use of renewable heating and cooling hand in hand with large scale refurbishment and renovation of the world’s existing buildings and industrial infrastructure.


Residential and Commercial building comfort conditioning, focusing on topics such as

  • net zero buildings,
  • renovation,
  • hybrids,
  • domestic hot water,
  • multifamily buildings,
  • etc.

Nonresidential applications, focusing on

  • industrial heat pumps,
  • waste heat,
  • district heating,
  • commercial refrigeration,
  • transport air conditioning and refrigeration,
  • etc.

Innovation and R&D, focusing on aspects like

  • ground sources,
  • advanced storage systems,
  • working fluids,
  • sorption technologies,
  • advanced vapor compression,
  • non-vapor compression technologies,
  • smart grids/energy,
  • cold and hot climate applications,
  • advanced air conditioning technologies,
  • gas driven heat pumps and combination with other renewable technologies

Policy topics and Market status, trends, strategies, and future opportunities

Target Audience

  • Policy makers, government officials, energy efficiency program leaders
  • Executives and representatives from industry, utilities, and the public sector
  • Manufacturers, distributors, and technology supporters
  • Designers and developers of heat pump systems and components
  • Researchers from industry, utilities, academia, and private and public R&D institutes
  • Students

Contact Address

Thomas Fleckl
E-Mail: thomas.fleckl@ait.ac.at
Web: https://www.hpc2023.org/