Performance Envelopes of Blade Heating Systems

27. March 2023
Åre, SE

The workshop focuses on concepts and methodology for the performance assessment of blade heating systems. Discussions and expert elicitation shall be initiated along presentations of the individual work packages of the subtask of IEA Wind TCP Task 54: Cold climate wind.


The workshop is organized by IEA Wind Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) Task 54 and is held in course of the Winterwind conference 2023 hosted by the Swedish Wind Power Association

Content Description

In recent years, the broad implementation of Ice Protection Systems (IPS) has led to an increase of electricity generation from cold climate sites as well as the development of sites hitherto excluded due to their harsh climatic conditions.

The assessment of the performance and the efficiency of these systems has so far been up to the manufacturers and hence, differs largely in terminology and methodology. Generally, the so-called performance envelopes of IPS are described as the conditions of wind speed and temperature for which an IPS efficiently removes or prevents blade ice. There is however no consensus on e.g. how to define or validate such envelopes, or whether additional atmospheric parameters should be accounted for.

The vast expansion of renewable energy generation, in particular wind power, in course of the Clean Energy Transition will require to develop even more cold climate sites in the coming years. For site assessment, operational control as well as estimating the annual electricity production, it thus becomes ever more important to assess the performance of a specific IPS to be implemented and to compare different systems to one another. A reference terminology and methodology for such assessments, accepted by the whole wind industry, is therefore key to the propagation of cold climate wind power.

Work packages

The IEA Wind TCP Task 54 on cold climate wind power has designated a subtask to the development of such terminology and methodology. The subtask comprises participants from seven different countries (AT, CA, CH, DE, DK, FI, SE) coming from system manufacturers, consultants, research institutes and universities. The agenda of the subtask is based on the following work packages (WP):

  • WP1 – Terminology and definitions
  • WP2 – Exemplary sets of icing events
  • WP3 – Modelling of IPS performance
  • WP4 – Recommendations on field validation of IPS performance
  • WP5 – Collaboration with wind tunnel subtask
  • WP6 – Dissemination

This workshop focuses on WP1, WP2 and WP4.

Work package 1

  • What constitutes the performance and efficiency of an Ice Protection System?
  • What metrics should be used to measure and describe it?
  • Discussion of terminology proposals and devising of mutually agreed definitions.

Work package 2

Presentation of examples for icing event data and discussion about useful metrics for representing and applying icing event data.

Work package 4

  • How to test and validate the performance and efficiency of an IPS in the field?
  • What are necessary and suitable indicators?
  • Discussion of measurement proposals and devising of effective and easy to implement procedures.

Target Audience

Winterwind found early its own niche in wind energy in cold climate and gathers every year the world’s wind energy professionals in Sweden to discuss the challenges of generating wind power in cold climates.

Participants are the world’s wind energy professionals such as scientists, engineers, manufacturers, developers, consultants, investors, wind farm owners, students and Operation & Maintainance providers.

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