2nd Task Meeting - IEA SHC Task 68: Efficient solar district heating systems

09. - 10. November 2022
Online, Graz, AT

The IEA SHC Task 68 is intended to provide a platform for research and industry to work together on the opportunities, challenges and benefits related to solar energy technologies on an international level under the leadership of Austria.



Content Description

The Technology Collaboration Programe Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC) has set itself the goal that solar energy technologies will cover more than 50 % of the heating and cooling demand for buildings in 2050 and thus contribute significantly to reduce CO2 emissions worldwide.

In this context, the IEA SHC Task 55 has already been successfully completed and dealt with the technical and economic parameters and requirements of very large solar thermal plants (>0.5 MW to GW). The work on the topic of solar district heating systems should now be continued in the new IEA Task 68 - Efficient Solar District Heating Systems, and expanded to include latest issues and developments. The new task therefore pursues 4 main goals:

  1. Efficiently providing heat at the desired temperature level of local/district heating systems by solar technology
  2. Increasing the degree of digitalisation of solar thermal systems
  3. Reducing costs of solar local/district heating systems and identify new business models
  4. Raising awareness and spread in-depth knowledge regarding latest developments and results of solar local/district heating systems.


Probable Issues

  • Subtask A - Concepts for Efficiently Providing Solar Heat at Medium-High Temperature Level
  • Subtask B - Data Preparation & Utilization
  • Subtask C - Business Models
  • Subtask D - Use Cases and Dissemination

The final agenda will be sent to the registered participants.


Target Audience

Experts in the field of solar energy technologies.

Participant Information


Please fill in the PDF registration form (see Downloads) and send it to viktor.unterberger@best-research.eu.

Registration is free of charge!

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