8th Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry of South-East Europe (RSE-SEE 8)

11. - 15. July 2022
TU Graz, AT

The 8th Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry of South-East Europe will be held in Graz, Austria on 10-15 July 2022. The specific objective of the RSE-SEE 8 is to address the most advanced directions and new achievements in fundamental and applied electrochemistry, to expand knowledge and to develop new improved materials and processes.


The 8th Regional Symposium is organized by the Association of South-East European Electrochemists and hosted by the Graz University of Technology within the IEA AFC Annex 31 & IEA AFC Annex 35. The local organizing committee is managed by Viktor Hacker and Bernhard Gollas.

Content Description

Since their inception, the RSE-SEE meetings have provided a forum for the scientific community of South-East Europe closely related to the fields of electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering.

This forum has proven to be a place for fruitful debates and personal exchanges necessary for the further development of the field.

The 8th RSE-SEE meeting is fully reconciled with the mission of the ASEEE society, and it will promote further activities aimed for:

  • Establishing regional network of scientists working in all fields of electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering.
  • Supporting cooperation among countries in the region and between countries of South-East Europe and the rest of the world.
  • Advancing science, spreading and disseminating knowledge.
  • Educating students and younger colleagues.
  • Transferring knowledge and technology.
  • Helping a sustainable development of the society and fostering economic growth.

The balanced scientific programme of the 8th Regional Symposium includes high-level and world-renowned scientists and experts who have made and are still making significant progress in the field. The plenary speakers have been selected for their past credentials and distinctive vision of the future.


Target Audience

Research Institutions and Companies working in all fields related to electrochemistry and electrochemical engineering.

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Contact Address

Graz University of Technology
Institute of Chemical Engineering & Environmental Technology
Viktor Hacker
Inffeldgasse 25 C
E-Mail: info.rse-see@tugraz.at