sol.e.h.2 and IEA SHC Task 65 Workshop

02. December 2021
Online, Bludenz, AT

Energy saving in buildings is important to modern urbanization and especially challenging under the climatic conditions of Guangdong, China. Minimized energy demand for heating (domestic hot water), ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in buildings is a major premise for the implementation of solar HVAC systems. The passive house concept and solar HVAC complement each other well and lead to a


  • Shenzhen Shenshan SCZ. CCGCI Co., Ltd.
  • Neyer Brainworks GmbH
  • Universit√§t Innsbruck
  • Dr. Jakob energy research GmbH & Co. KG

Content Description

Compared to standard construction practice in China, the target joint integral building and solar HVAC solution can save 80 to 90% of heating energy and approximately 60% of energy for cooling and dehumidification based on useful energy. Through the solar concept the seasonal performance factor can be increased significantly, and electricity grid stress can be reduced.

The final workshop will focus on:

  • International trends on energy efficient buildings in hot and humid climates and solar heating and cooling solutions by invited experts
  • Present the necessary steps to optimize the buildings and reduce loads towards certifiable passive house buildings
  • Explain the design of solar heating and cooling solutions and discuss the techno-economic assessment results compared to state of the art and other renewable solutions
  • Give insides on the practical experiences during the implementation of a demo plant and the Hardware-in-the-Loop laboratory tests


Participant Information

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After registration you will receive a GoToMeeting link to the final Workshop via email on December 1st, 2021.

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