IEA AFC Annex 33 Webinar: CHP in the built environment: Natural Gas and/or Hydrogen?

14. May 2021
Online, AT

IEA AFC Annex 33 is an application-type annex with the objective to better understand how stationary fuel cell systems may be deployed succesfully in energy systems. This webinar is part of the annual Annex 33 meeting and will focus on the end-use aspects related to heat and power supply in the built environment (residential and commercial users and prosumers).


IEA TCP Advanced Fuel Cells - Annex 33 "Fuel Cell for Stationary Applications"

Content Description

Much attention and commitment is being raised towards the utilisation of hydrogen to displace fossil fuels in the energy sector, favouring massive penetration of fluctuating renewables. The cost of this paradigm shift is of geopolitical concern, and many initiatives are being set up to address the implications of substituting expensive innovative technologies for established infrastructures, innovative business models for established revenue streams. Being able to leverage the legacy infrastructures for fossil fuel distribution, such as the natural gas grid, can be a way of channelling a smooth and manageable transition to all-renewable power.

This workshop looks into the end-use aspects of this development, related to heat and power supply in the built environment (residential and commercial users and prosumers). What are the technical implications and feasible business strategies for heat and power suppliers to deal with growing percentages of hydrogen in natural gas, if the transmission or even distribution grids will be used to store renewable power? Is pure hydrogen the way to go directly?

Invited speakers represent industrial players in the field of stationary fuel cells from the companies:

  • Sunfire
  • Solid Power
  • Elcogen Oy
  • Powercell
  • Ballard

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The webinar will be held on May, 14th from 13:00 – 16:00.

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Austrian Energy Agency
Stefan Reuter