Live Webinar: Experience with Low-cost (MOS VOC) sensors for residential ventilation

10. December 2020
Online, AT

The talk will summarize research done in Denmark on the usability of low-cost air quality sensors for controlling of residential ventilation. The experiments studied sensors’ performance under typical air polluting activities occurring in homes. The presentation will also discuss pros and cons with respect to sensors’ suitability for demand control of residential ventilation.


Content Description

This event presents selected and for Austria relevant findings from the IEA EBC Annex 68: Indoor Air Quality Design and Control in Low Energy Residential Buildings.


Target Audience

  • Ventilation unit manufacturer
  • Qualified personnel from building services planning
  • Developer
  • Property management
  • public administration
  • Architects
  • Researchers

Participant Information

Details and Registration

Contact Address

FH Salzburg
Study program Smart Building
Gabriel Rojas