IEA UsersTCP / IEA 4E EDNA Webinar: Smart Energy Saving Homes - What's Stopping Us?

May 21, 2020, 11:00 AM (Brussels)

This webinar will discuss aspects of Smart homes and energy savings, examines barriers and suggests a number of policy solutions. It is being held by IEA 4E EDNA in conjunction with the UsersTCP.

Content Description

Smart, energy-saving homes utilise network connectivity, big data and powerful data processing. They can manage and automate services such as lighting, heating/cooling and washing in order to reduce energy consumption and provide load flexibility to the grid. Despite recent gains in building envelope and appliance efficiency, further opportunities remain to improve whole-building system efficiency through smart homes. However, there are significant barriers:

  • High costs and unclear benefits: smart devices cost more and suffer from a lack of consumer confidence about their benefits.
  • Privacy, trust and security: consumers are concerned about misuse of data in the cloud, and hacking of data and devices.
  • Complexity and technology risk: smart homes involve new and complex technologies which many consumers fear may not work as intended and are difficult to operate. Problems of interoperability between new and legacy devices are common and this tends to increase consumer concerns.

This webinar will examine these barriers and suggest a number of policy solutions.

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