IEA SHC Webinar on Renovating Historic Buildings Towards Zero Energy

28. January 2020, 12.00 - 13.30 GMT

Real-world renovation experiences from the perspective of building owners, design teams and SHC Task 59 experts will be presented and discussed.


  • IEA Solar Heating & Cooling Programme
  • International Solar Energy Society (ISES)

Content Description

IEA SHC Task 59 addresses the renovation of historic buildings, increasing their comfort whilst significantly bringing down the buildings energy demand and CO2 emissions as well as keeping their characteristic values. Given the unique character of each of the buildings, a "standard solution" to fit every case cannot be identified, yet Task 59 combines considerable experience on specific cases available, which need to be evaluated, exploited and promoted.

In this webinar, five speakers will guide you through real world renovation experiences - by building owners and design teams, who express their needs, concerns and experiences and the Task 59 experts who introduce the diverse tools which can help you in the decision and design process of an exemplary historic building energy retrofit project.


  • Alexandra Troi is co-founder and vice head of Eurac's Institute for Renewable Energy and leader of the research group on Energy Retrofit of Historic Buildings. She is also the Operating Agent of SHC Task 59: Renovating Historic Buildings Towards Zero Energy. Alexandra's main fields of research are historic buildings & cultural heritage, energetic refurbishment of buildings and cross-discipline communication. During this webinar, she will give an overview of the work of SHC Task 59.
  • Walter Hüttler, Subtask A leader of SHC Task 59, will introduce you to the Historic Building Energy Retrofit Atlas, a compilation of inspiring best-practices. Walter is an engineer with a multidisciplinary background in social sciences and economy. He is managing partner at "e7 energy innovation & engineering" in Vienna, Austria. Before he worked for the Austrian Energy Agency and as a research fellow and lecturer at Vienna University (IFF). Since 2015 he's been a lecturer at the FH Campus Vienna, University of Applied Sciences (study program Architecture – Green Building).
  • Tor Broström, Subtask B leader of Task 59, will show how the decision process following EN 16883 on sustainably improving the energy performance of historic buildings can help to identify the most appropriate renovation solutions and to evaluate them holistically. Tor is a Professor for Building Conservation at Uppsala University, Sweden. With a background in engineering, he spent most of his professional career working with historic buildings. Tor is the coordinator of the Swedish research program on energy efficiency in historic buildings and was chairman in the working group that produced the European standard in the same field.
  • Pavel Sevela, Subtask C leader of SHC Task 59, will present a decision-making tool that can help you to consider solutions you have not yet heard about, and at the same time, narrow down the selection to the ones most appropriate for your building renovation.
  • Daniel Herrera is part of SHC Task 59's Operating Agent team. He will discuss the different steps implemented in the renovation of a rural historic building, Rainhof in South Tyrol, Italy, in Italy's Gsiesertal valley.


  • Bärbel Epp is the founder and managing director of the German consulting firm solrico – solar market research & international communication. She is responsible for the international newsletter on the web portal

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