Joined Workshop - Clean & Efficient Combustion with Advanced Motor Fuels (AMF)

6. November 2019
Montreux, CH

In the course of the AMF ExCo Meeting and the Combustion TCP Task Leaders Meeting, both taking place in Montreux, Switzerland early November 2019, both TCPs will jointly host a workshop. It will focus around low emission propulsion systems, novel fuels for advanced engine concepts, and new developments and trends.


  • IEA Advanced motor fuels (AMF) Technology Collaboration Programme
  • IEA Clean and Efficient Combustion Technology Collaboration Programme

Participant Information

By invitation only.

If you are an expert or decision maker in the combustion process or in alternative fuels for internal combustion engines and wish to attend, please contact Linda Thomann.

Contact Address

Swiss Federal Office of Energy / Bundesamt für Energie, Schweiz
Linda Thomann