Webinar: Digitalisation of the Energy System - The Key Role of Internet-Connected Devices

11. September 2019, 15:00 - 16:00

This webinar will be presented by the "Electronic Devices and Networks" Annex (EDNA) of the Programme "Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment" (IEA 4E TCP). It will cover the role for connected devices in intelligent efficiency and advanced demand response ecosystems.



Content Description

Connecting everyday, internet-connected devices can have profound implications for energy use. Connected devices can participate in new kinds of digital ecosystems: systems of connected devices can be managed intelligently to save energy, within a building or even within a city. Within an electricity grid, connected devices can be controlled to match the variable loads generated by renewables. However, good policy is required to derive the best outcomes, and to ensure that the "energy cost" of connectivity is minimised.

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