Workshop: IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Research Co-operation

5th June, 2019
Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Radetzkystrasse 2, 1030 Vienna (Ground floor, Room EA08)

The results of the ongoing projects and successful Austrian projects had been presented and the possibilities of involving Austrian experts from research and industry had been discussed. More than 80 participants joined the workshop.


  • Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (Energy and Environmental Technologies)


14 speakers presented the results of the ongoing IEA SHC Tasks and successful Austrian projects. Furthermore the possibilities of involving Austrian experts from research and industry into IEA SHC work were discussed.

The presentation documents are available for download on the website of AEE-Intec.

Content Description

The Solar Heating and Cooling Technology Collaboration Programme (SHC TCP) was established in 1977, one of the first programmes of the International Energy Agency. For over 40 years the SHC TCP's overarching objective has been co-operative research, development, demonstration and exchange of information regarding solar heating and cooling systems.

The SHC TCP has 20 countries, the European Union and four international institutions as members. More than 400 experts are currently working on seven collaborative tasks. The content of the research projects are solar energy technologies and architectural designs that include active solar thermal heating and cooling, photovoltaic driven heating and cooling, passive solar building design and solar architecture, as well as the consideration of daylighting and thermal comfort.

Through multi-disciplinary international collaborative research, knowledge exchange, and market and policy recommendations, the SHC TCP contributes to increase the deployment rate of solar heating and cooling systems by breaking down the technical and non-technical barriers.


  • 09:00 Welcome coffee and tea
    Werner Weiss, IEA SHC ExCo representative Austria
    Michael Paula, Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
  • 09.40 Austria in the IEA and Other International Activities
    Sabine Mitter, Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology
  • 09:55 Main Focus and Current Tasks of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme
    Daniel Mugnier, IEA SHC ExCo Chair

Solar Thermal Applications and Components

Session Chair: Ken Guthrie, Sustainable Energy Transformation Pty Ltd., Australia

  • 10:10 Integration of Large Solar Thermal Systems into District Heating and Cooling Networks
    Sabine Putz, OA IEA SHC Task 55, SOLID GmbH, Austria
    Jan Erik Nielsen, Solarkey, Denmark
  • 10:30 Solar Energy in Industrial Water Management
    Bettina Muster-Slawitsch, IEA SHC Task 62, AEE INTEC, Austria
    Alexander van de Klij, Solardew, The Netherlands


Session Chair: Richard Hall, Energy Transitions Limited, United Kingdom

  • 11:10 Application of PVT Collectors and New Solutions with PVT
    Jean-Christophe Hadorn, OA IEA SHC Task 60, Switzerland
    Alexander Friedrich, 3F Solar Technologies GmbH, Austria
  • 11:30 Material and Component Development for Thermal Energy Storage
    Wim van Helden, OA IEA SHC Task 58, AEE INTEC, Austria
  • 11:50 Discussion of the presentations of the morning session


Solar Buildings and Advanced Building Components

Session Chair: Kerstin Krüger, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

  • 13:30 Deep Renovation of Historic and Listed Buildings Towards Lowest Possible Energy Demand and CO2 Emission
    Alexandra Troi, OA IEA SHC Task 59, EURAC Research, Italy
    Rainer Pfluger, Innsbruck University, Austria
  • 13:50 Building Integrated Solar Envelope Systems for HVAC and Lighting
    Fabian Ochs, Subtask Leader IEA SHC Task 56, Innsbruck University, Austria
  • 14:10 Integrated Solutions for Daylight and Electric Lighting: From Component to User Centered System Efficiency
    Jan de Boer, OA IEA SHC Task 61, Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, Germany
    David Geisler-Moroder, Bartenbach GmbH, Austria
  • 14:30 Discussion of the presentations of the afternoon session


Session Chair: Artur Bobovnicky, SIEA, Slovakia

  • 15:20 Next Generation of Integrated Solar Houses
    Christian Fink, AEE INTEC, Austria
  • 15:40 Success of the Austrian Large-Scale Solar Systems Program
    Gernot Wörther, Austrian Climate and Energy Fund, Austria

16:00 Panel Discussion – Solar Heating and Cooling in an Integrated Renewable Energy System

Moderation: Werner Weiss, AEE INTEC Austria


  • Roger Hackstock, Association Austria Solar, Austria
  • Christian Holter, SOLID GmbH, Austria
  • Daniel Mugnier, IEA SHC ExCo Chair, Tecsol, France
  • Alessandra Scognamiglio, ENEA, Italy
  • Alexandra Troi, EURAC Research, Italy

17:00 END


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