ISGAN Webinar: How to Replicate solutions for the flexibility challenge? ReFlex Guidebook presentation

20. February 2019
Online webinar, AT

This webinar provides guidance on characteristics and specificities of replication of Flexibility Use-Cases aimed at end-user’s services, supply side services, infrastructure modifications and direct energy storage.



Content Description

The Webinar highlights insights from the forthcoming ReFlex Replicability-Guidebook, drawing on the learning experience form ReFlex partners’ 8 demo sites in 4 countries (Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden) and a comprehensive socio-technical replicability concept, including the levels of technical functionality, market institutions and regulation, social and political practices, social networks and micro- and macro-economy.

The ReFlex-Guidebook include 4 Use-Cases. We will outline which socio-technical context factors are to be looked at before prospective replication projects are planned and implemented.

The webinar will provide a checklist and information on some tools to support demo regions and the wider group of stakeholders in smart grid and smart energy system in co-creating and advancing their smart grid initiatives and replication projects.

Speaker: Klaus Kubeczko (Austria)

Target Audience

  • Researchers
  • Policymakers
  • Stakeholders in the smart grid and smart energy system
  • Wider public 

Participant Information


Starting time

The webinar course (in real time) starts at 14:00 CET.

Contact Address

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Anna Wang