23. International Conference on Fluidized Bed Conversion

13. - 17. May 2018
Seoul, South Korea

Main topic of the conference will be "Innovative Fluidized Bed Conversion Technology for a Sustainable Development".


Division of Fluidization of Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers

Content Description

Demand of economical and reliable energy with clean and low emissions is the highest it has ever been. To meet this requirement, we are trying to develop novel and advanced fluidized bed conversion technologies. Direction of research and development is focused on high-efficient & eco-friendly energy conversion processes and their optimization & enhancement.

Under the theme of "Innovative Fluidized Bed Conversion Technology for a Sustainable Development", the scientific program offers up-dates about the latest trends and developments by distinguished researchers and experts from around the world. Furthermore, participants will have great opportunities to network through extensive discussion and stimulating exchanges on this occasion.