CCT 2017 - IEA Clean Coal Centre’s 8th international conference on clean coal technologies

08. - 12. May 2017
Cagliari, IT

Three days of technical sessions and keynotes from leading figures in the industry will cover all aspects of clean coal technologies and highlight the most cutting edge research.


IEA Clean Coal Centre

Content Description

Coal is the world’s primary source of electricity and is projected to remain so for decades to come, with growth strongly driven by the need to improve electricity access and meet energy demand in the developing world. However, growing concerns over the environmental impact of fossil fuel combustion present an equally pressing need for this valuable energy resource to be exploited as cleanly and efficiently as possible.

CCT2017 will provide a leading international forum for the showcasing and discussion of clean coal technologies, including:

  • high efficiency, low emissions plant
  • developments in carbon capture
  • SOx, NOx, mercury, and particulate controls
  • low rank coal utilisation
  • policy and financing
  • social acceptance
  • gasification, IGCC and IGFC
  • underground coal gasification and coal-bed methane
  • high-temperature materials
  • advanced power cycles such as supercritical CO2 turbines
  • coal to chemicals
  • efficiency upgrading technologies
  • fluidised bed combustion
  • biomass cofiring and co-gasification
  • coal characterisation and blending

(from cct2017 website)

Target Audience

  • researchers
  • scientists
  • engineers

Contact Address

Technische Universität Wien
Clemens Huber