Boiler Operations, Maintenance & Performance Conference - 27th Tour

24. - 26. April 2017
Pittsburgh, US

A conference for Fluid Bed Owners and Industrial, Institutional and IPP Boiler Owners, Operators, Suppliers and Engineers


Council of Industrial Boiler Owners

CIBO is dedicated to ensuring that non-utility industrial, commercial and institutional energy producers can continue to provide safe, cost-effective and reliable energy to sustain a strong and globally competitive economy.

Mission Statement

CIBO represents the interests of America’s non-utility energy products and users. It is the organization of choice for advocacy and accurate information to achieve safe and cost-effective solutions for industrial energy, technology and environmental issues.

CIBO activities are designed to:

  1. Provide for the focused exchange of accurate technical information among organizational members, government and the public concerning policies, laws and regulations that impact industrial energy systems.
  2. Provide a forum for the continued education of organizational members, and the broader industrial energy community on advances in technology and operations to improve the reliability, cost-effectiveness and environmentally safe production and use of energy.

Content Description

The conference where Fluid Bed Owners and Industrial, Institutional and IPP Boiler Owners, Operators, Suppliers and Engineers come together to:

  • Review the benchmarks of FBC and Industrial/Institutional waste fuel, coal, oil and gas fired Boiler operations and performance
  • Learn what technologies might be required to improve operations, sustainability, efficiency, and overall energy plant performance
  • Discuss the latest technical experiences associated with current operations, fuel handling and conversions, maximizing energy efficiency, maintaining or improving energy and environmental performance & staffing the future energy operations
  • Network with boiler Owners, Operators, Equipment Suppliers and Engineers to assess energy systems performance and solve problems
  • Take home the latest information on what is happening relative to FBC, industrial and institutional powerhouse operations, maintenance and performance as we transit into a new energy era

(from BOMPC website)


Target Audience

  • Fluid Bed Owners
  • Industrial, Institutional and IPP Boiler Owners,
  • Operators
  • Suppliers
  • Engineers

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