Fuel cells: Why is Austria not taking off?

10. October 2016
Kommunalkredit Austria AG, Türkenstraße 9, 1090 Vienna, AT

Fuel cells – international innovations and successful markets


Austrian Energy Agency (AEA), together with the Austrian Association for Gas and Water (OVGW)

Content Description

In recent years, institutions, manufacturers and energy suppliers as well as research advanced the development of fuel cells for stationary uses: The aim was and still is the low-emission fuel cell, which can be flexibly combined with highly efficient, decentralized energy systems.

International success and progress in this area is gradually becoming more visible, for example in Japan. There, the number of stationary fuel cell systems installed has already exceeded 150,000 units. In Austria, the picture seems to be different: Technology is not really taking off - not even 30 systems for producing heat and electricity with the help of fuel cells are installed. Paradoxically, Austrian tech companies are among the market leaders in fuel cell system components.

The Austrian Energy Agency (AEA) is part of an international Technology Collaboration Programme of Research, Development and Demonstration on Advanced Fuel Cells which tries to better understand how stationary fuel cell systems may be deployed in energy systems.

In the realm of this programme, AEA, together with the Austrian Association for Gas and Water – OVGW, invites you to participate in a workshop, which tries to find answers to the following questions:

  • What are barriers to the widespread use of stationary fuel cell systems in Austria?
  • What can Austrians learn from the success of European and Japanese initiatives?
  • What are the latest achievements of Austrian companies in supplying fuel cell components and systems?

Answers to these questions will be provided by international experts from Austria, Germany, Italy, and Japan (requested).


Participant Information

Due to the international background of speakers, the workshop language will be English.

Participation is free of charge. The workshop will be closed with a networking session including drinks and snacks.

Further information on the Advanced Fuel Cells Technology Collaboration Programme


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