Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 - Webinar

3. June 2016
Online, AT

The webinar focuses on the role of urban energy systems in fostering national and global sustainable energy transitions, with a country focus on Mexico.


International Energy Agency


Moderator: Daniele Poponi, Energy Technology

  • 14.00 Introduction
    Jean-Francois Gagne’, Head of Energy Technology Policy Division, IEA
  • 14.15 The Global Energy Outlook
    Daniele Poponi
  • 14.35 The Urban Energy Challenge
    Eric Masanet
  • 14.55 Energy-efficient Buildings in the Urban Environment
    John Dulac
  • 15.15 Sustainable Urban Transport
    Pierpaolo Cazzola
  • 15.35 Energy Supply in Cities
    Uwe Remme, Araceli Fernandez Pales, Luis Munuera
  • 16.05 Policy and Finance Mechanisms for Urban Areas
    Tyler Bryant
  • 16.25 Mexico’s Sustainable Energy Transition: What Role for Cities?
    Joerg Husar
  • 16.45 Q&As
  • 17.30 Conclusion

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