EGRD Workshop: Island Energy - Status and Perspectives

5. - 6. October 2015
Tokyo, JP

This workshop focussed on the energy challenges, strategy and technological solutions on islands and remote, sparsely populated areas. The workshop explored the similarities and differences in a variety of cases in order to summarize lessons learnt, not least in terms of technological solutions.


Institute of Applied Energy (IAE), Tokyo, Japan

Content Description

Examples of sustainable islands have been presented which have developed as showcases for a range of promising solutions for the energy system of the future. Moreover, similarities and differences in technology and other solutions for cities and islands as well as sparsely populated areas have been explored. Concluding, examples of small island states were presented where improved energy efficiency and renewable energy plays an increasingly important role in order to reduce their dependency on the import of fossil fuels.


Target Audience

  • EGRD national experts
  • RD&D decision-makers
  • Strategic planners
  • Program managers from industry and local authorities
  • Experts concerned with energy systems and sustainability

Contact Address

International Energy Agency
Diana Louis