Conference: 11th International Energy Agency Heat Pump Conference

12th to 16th of May 2014
Montréal, CA

Global Advances in Heat Pump Technology, Applications & Market. The purpose of the conference is to promote heat pumping technologies through discussions, networking, and information exchange. Technology, markets, policy and standards are issues to be dealt with in the light of environmental benefits and energy conservation.

Content Description

The conference will pay attention to heat pumps, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Also, heat pumping technologies for heating and cooling of low energy houses and systems for district heating and cooling, are included.

Call for papers

Abstracts (200-300 words max.) must be submitted by April 15, 2013.


  • Technology – Advances in equipment design, development and technology integration
  • Systems – Advanced electrically and thermally operated systems, hybrid systems, ground source heat pump systems, controls
  • Applications – demonstrated energy efficiency and environmental advantages in residential, commercial and industrial heat pump applications, district energy options, refrigeration
  • Research and Development – New developments in heat pumping technologies, technology trends
  • Policy, Standards, and Market Strategies – Government, utility and professional society activities related to heat pumps development and deployment, labour development, training and education
  • Markets – Market status, barriers, commercialization and technology transfer, financial and future market opportunities
  • International Activities – Discussion of actions in response to global environment, energy and economic challenges.

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