Conference: 21st International Conference on Fluidized Bed Combustion

3rd - 6th June 2012
Naples, AT

Latest issues in fundamental research, equipment design and application experience.

Content Description

The 21st FBC will cover the latest issues in fundamental research, equipment design and application experience at pilot, demonstration and industrial size concerning the fluidized bed combustion science and technology for power production, cogeneration and waste incineration. Further, confirming the approach followed in the last editions of the conference,  the 21st FBC will be open to the other thermo-chemical conversion options that the fluidized bed science and technology enables, e.g. gasification and pyrolysis,  as well as to Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) with the new, various and serious issues/challenges it poses.

The conference is aimed at both transferring scientific-academic knowledge to application and identifying new areas for research. It will be an ideal gathering place for researchers, engineers, managers, plant operators, boiler manufacturers, component suppliers, academia and students around the world to discuss and interact with each other. About 250 participants are expected apart from accompanying visitors.

Contact Address

Rione Sirignano, 5
80121 Naples (Italy)
Tel.: +39 (81) 7611085 - 668774
Fax: +39 (81) 664372