Exhibition: EE & RES Exhibition and Congress for South East Europe

14. Apr 2010 - 16. Apr 2010
Inter Expo Center
Sofia, BG

International Congress and Exhibition on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources


Organizer/ show management:  Via Expo Ltd.,

Contact: Maya Kristeva

Content Description

Exhibition 2009: 124 direct exhibitors from 11 countries; 3219 professional visitors from 34 countries.

Congress 2009: 43 speakers from 12 countries; 400 attendees from 28 countries.



The Focus country for 2010 will be Italy. Germany will be again the strategic partner of the event. The Congress will add also a new hot topic to its program - efficient electro-mobility and solar mobile systems.


Target Audience

Visitors' profile:  Visitors from energy sector, ecology, EE and RES, ministries, municipalities, embassies, banks, financial and consultant services, media, construction, associations and NGOs, petrol and chemical industry, research and education institututions, electrical and electronic equipment, transport, all kind of industry, agriculture and wood processing, mining industry  

Participant Information

Exhibits/main sectors: Energy Efficiency:  Cogeneration; Energy-Efficient Equipment and Technologies in    Agriculture, Chemical Sector, Industry, Transportation, Utilities; Energy Saving Heating; Energy Saving Technologies for Industrial and Home Lighting; Environmental Monitoring; Environment Protection Equipment Heat, Water and Gas Regulating Equipment; Lighting Controlling Systems; Meters for Heat, Water, Gas Thermal Pumps; Waste Treatment and Disposal; Waste-to-Energy Energy Efficient Construction: Eco-Friendly Construction Materials;  Facade and roof skylights;  Passive House and Low Energy Building;  Solar-control glazing; Sound and Heat Insulation;  Thermo graphics; Walls, doors and roofingRenewable energy and related systems: Bioenergy; Geothermal, Hydro, Solar, Wind energy; PV systems; Hydrogen technologies, etc.Services: Consultation; District Heating; Emission trade; Energy certification; Energy Distribution and Storage Financing; Heat accounting; Media; Retrofitting of buildings; Specialised software Exhibitors' profile:  Manufacturers, importers, exporters, representatives  

Contact Address

Organizer/ show management:  Via Expo Ltd., 3 Anton Chehov Sq., 4003 Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Phone +359 (0)32/960012, Fax +359 (0)32/945459, e-mail: office@viaexpo.comContact:Maya Kristeva, Phone +359 (0)32/960012