Greenhouse gas emissions from bioenergy systems: Impacts of timing, issues of responsibility

March 8th-10th, 2010
Brussels, Belgium

IEA Bioenergy is an international, collaborative research programme on bioenergy aiming at improved international cooperation and information exchange ( The primary goal of IEA Bioenergy Task 38 is to investigate all processes involved in the use of bioenergy and carbon sequestration systems, with the aim of assessing overall greenhouse gas balances and supporting decision makers in selection of mitigation strategies.


IEA Bioenergy
CRA-W Gembloux
Joanneum Research


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Draft Programme

Monday 8th March 2010

Adding when to the what, where, if and why of biofuels indirect climate effects - and adding others to the list of usual suspects.
Michael O'Hare, University of California at Berkeley, USA

Is bioenergy carbon neutral? An overview of the work of IEA Bioenergy Task 38 on GHG balances of biomass and bioenergy systems.
Annette Cowie, National Centre for Rural Greenhouse Gas Research, Australia

General Discussion

Coffee Break

The net-benefit of bioenergy for climate change mitigation
Alexander Popp, Potsdam-Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany

Better use of biomass for energy. IEA RETD / IEA Bioenergy Position Paper
Uwe Fritsche, Oeko Institute, Germany

Preserving the worlds tropical forests: A price on carbon may not do.
Martin Perrson, Chalmers University, Sweden


Decision-making tools to support the development of bioenergy form agriculture
Florence VanStappen, Walloon Agricultural Research Centre, Belgium

Opportunities and complications in the transition towards a sustainable bio-based economy
Leen Gorissen, VITO, Belgium

Sustainable biomass imports - Challenges for GHG LCA methodology implementation within an operational verification procedure
Chrystelle Verhoest, Laborelec, Belgium

Coffee Break

Version zero of the methodological framework for GHG LCA of bioenergy (working title, to be confirmed)
Horst Fehrenbach, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, Germany

EU Renewable Energy Directive and Indirect Land Use Change (working title, to be confirmed)
Catherine Bowyer, Institute for European Environmental Policy, Belgium

Generall Discussion

Close of 1st Day


Tuesday 9th March 2010

Reassessing optimal climate-change mitigation strategies through more explicit consideration of the role of time in impact assessments
Miko Kirschbaum, Landcare Research, New Zealand

On the timing of greenhouse gas emissions. Task 38: Technology Report for IEA Bioenergy ExCo64
Neil Bird, Joanneum Research, Austria

CO2 preturbation and associated global warming potentials following emission from biofuel based on wood
Glen Peters, Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, Norway

Coffee Break

Cumulative radiative forcing effects of various biomass use options: a preliminary analysis
Leif Gustavsson or Roger Sathre, Mid Sweden University, Sweden

Accounting issues (working title, to be confirmed)
Kim Pingoud, Sampo Soimakallio

Improved time accounting in the estimation of GHG emissions from indirect land use change
Jesper Hedal Kloverpris, Novozymes A/S, Denmark

General Discussion


Discussion of recommendations and planning for outputs

Coffee Break

Closing Plenary

Close of Conference

Wednesday 10th March 2010


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