Internationaler Workshop: Electrical Enduse Efficiency - Chances for Green ICT and Electronics in Austria

5. March 2010
Arcotel Wimberger
Vienna, AT

Bei diesem Workshop sollen Chancen für österreichische Unternehmen durch sich verändernde Rahmenbedingungen sowie ableitbare Themen für zukünftige Forschungs- und Entwicklungsarbeiten im Bereich der Energieeffizienz im elektrischen Endverbrauch identifiziert werden.


Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT)

Content Description

A number of IEA (International Energy Agency) member countries join forces in a new international collaborative programme to promote wider use of more energyefficient electrical equipment, the IEA Implementing Agreement "Efficient Electrical End-Use Equipment (4E)". The focus of the co-operation is on efficiency of electrical end-use equipment. The Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology as a Member of the 4E Executive Committee is coordinating the Austrian participation.

Energy efficiency is more than ever a top priority on the international agenda. Using energy-efficient equipment is the most cost-effective short-term path to greater energy security and lower greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. It reduces pressure on energy resources. The IEA estimates that energy-efficiency improvements could contribute 47% of reductions in energy-related CO2 emissions potentially achievable by 2030.

"Green ICT" at the moment is seen as one of the major strategic topics in the international discussion. The Keyword opens up a large innovation-field with many specific topics and technologies. The entire workshop gives a framework to discuss related R&D Topics and priorities as well as chances to be seen for Austrian industries and SMEs. The outcomes will be used by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology for the further development of Austrian R&D Programmes and Strategies as well as for the work in the IEA Implementing Agreement 4E.

Workshop targets

  • Information on IEA 4E Activities, incl. Annexes (Mapping and Benchmarking, Stand By Power and Motors)
  • Exchange of experience on current and planned policy initiatives in Europe, US and Australia
  • New developments in Eco-Design and Green IT


Target Audience

  • Industry dealing with the development and production of appliances
  • Policy makers dealing with energy efficiency issues, energy agencies
  • Design companies

Contact Address

Marion Katzenschlager
Austrian Energy Agency
T: +43 (1) 5861524 - 166
F: +43 (1) 5861524 - 340

Contact within the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Michael Hübner