Workshop: Health, Safety, and Environment of Biomass Gasification

28. Sep 2005
Hilton Innsbruck Hotel, Salurner Strasse 15
A-6010, Innsbruck, AT

Biomass gasification is a promising technology, which can contribute to develop future energy systems which are efficient, safe in design and operation and environmental friendly.

Content Description

  • The scope of the workshop will be limited to biomass gasification plants up to 5 MWth capacity. Oral presentations on the following topics will be held:
  • Gaseous emissions: Emissions from biomass gas driven engines with other routes of electricity production; emissions regulations, identification of R&D needs
  • Waste Water: Chemical composition, toxicity, methods to reduce waste water problems
  • Health and safety risks: H+S risk factors, risk assessment, solutions to minimise risks, R&D needs
  • Permitting procedure: Legal and regulatory aspects, required procedures and documents, field reports from manufacturers and authorities In panel and audience discussions, the focus will be on necessary steps to achieve the objectives of the joint IEA and ThermalNet task.


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International Workshop Health, Safety, and Environment of Biomass Gasification

Participant Information

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Emma Wylde
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