Workshop: Greenhouse Gas Aspects of Biomass Cascading - Reuse, Recycling and Energy Generation, Old Finglas Road, Glasnevin

25. Apr 2005
Enterprise Ireland Campus - Conference Theatre (main building)
Dublin, IE

The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is an urgent international target. It will provide a forum for government, policy and academic representatives to exchange information on current knowledge regarding optimal use of biomass for greenhouse gas mitigation.

Content Description

The sustainable use of biomass for wooden products and energy is one important option that might significantly contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by substituting the use of non-renweable materials and fossil energy. Given that the amount of sustainably available biomass is limited, the most efficient use of biomass is an important issue. Biomass offers a wide range of possibilities to reuse, recycle and to generate energy. The main objective to be addressed and discussed in this joint workshop is the optimal combination of the different aspects of carbon sequestration and biomass cascading to contribute to greenhouse gas reduction by substituting conventional materials and fossil energy.


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