International Symposium: Photovoltaic - Electricity from the Sun: Research - Marketing - Dissemination (Vienna, Austria)

2002-09-13 / 2002-09-14

Vienna, Chamber of Commerce
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 63, A-1041 Vienna

Information about the activities in IEA-Photovoltaic Power Systems Program; experiences and status of PV in different countries, marketing, promotion incentives and dissemination strategies for photovoltaics, RTD and training.


in co-operation with International Energy Agency
Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme

Content Description

The main target of the symposium is to provide updated information about the following subjects:

  • Information about the activities in IEA-Photovoltaic Power Systems Program
  • Experiences and Status of PV in different countries
  • Marketing, promotion incentives and dissemination strategies for Photovoltaics, RTD and Training

For prospective Energy-political decisions independent and detailed information are needed. Moreover the professional and customer orientated dissemination of RTD results is the conditio qua non to transfer existing know-how and to promote the dynamic progress of Photovoltaic.

Invited speakers will give presentations on these subjects and related actual RTD results within the IEA PVPS Programme. Success stories, best practices as well as future policy and research actions will be presented. In order to ensure the communication flow it gives also the opportunity to discuss interactively with international experts. Furthermore the symposium intends to encourage contacts between the international participants.


Friday 13 September 2002

RTD activities and trends in PV

9:00 Hubert Fechner (arsenal research, A), Welcome
Martin Huemer (Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology A),
Gernot Becker (TBB, A), TBB, Austrian PV Association
9:30 Stefan Nowak (NET, CH), Chairman of IEA PVPS Programme, Current work within PVPS Programme and future perspectives of PV
10:00 Heinrich Wilk (Energie AG, A), Innovative PV projects in Austria and Europe
10:20 Christoph Panhuber (Fronius, A), Aspects from IEA PVPS-TASK 5
10:40 Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci (Johannes Kepler University Linz, A), Organic Solar cells made in Austria

Training and Educating

11:20 Tadeusz Zdanowicz (Wroclaw University of Technology, POL), Education in PV in Poland
11:40 Thomas Nordmann (TNC, CH), 8 Years of Dissemination activities and tools at vocational schools in Switzerland
12:00 Didier Mayer (Ecole de Mines Paris F), PV Training in France

Marketing and promotion activities

13.20 Reinhard Haas (TU Vienna, A), Successful international deployment strate-gies for decentralised PV systems
13:40 Franko Nemac (APE Energy Restructuring Agency, SL), The Slovenian approach to PV
14:00 Salvatore Castello (ENEA, I), The Italian Roof-top Program: Status and per-spectives
14:20 Koichi Sakuta (AIST, Jap), Present status and prospects of PV programs in Japan
15:00 Gerhard Korpitsch (Korpitsch Solar, A), Günter Köchle (Stromaufwärts, A), Regional PV Activities in Austria
15:30 Michael Heidenreich (arsenal research, A), Voluntary incentive tools and its impact on the PV market
15:50 Discussion: Moderated by Stefan Nowak, IEA PVPS Chairman

Saturday September 14 2002

Technical Tour

Visiting successful PV implementations in Austria like

  • the 200 roof programme in the community Hartberg
  • the Styrian solar road and
  • the 100kWp PV sound barrier at the A2 highway in Gleisdorf

(all places are about 120 km south of Vienna)

Target Audience

The symposium intends to inform participants from the solar and building industry, from utilities, from research laboratories, from standardization bodies and from energy agencies as well as political decision makers, system designers, installers, operators and teachers with up-to date information. Especially participants from East Europe (Hungary, Slovenia, Czech, Slovakia, Poland) will be invited for building a bridge in PV activities to the candidate countries of the European Community.

Contact Address

arsenal research
Michael Heidenreich
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