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Certified passive attic conversion of a typical building from the period around 1900

Conversion of an attic of a typical building from the period about 1900 to a passive attic with photovoltaic system and renovation of the existing building equipment. The aim is to keep the additional construction costs under 10 %, to avoid overheating in summer and to make possible a reproduction for the large amount of buildings from the same period.

Climate neutral buildings from the period of promoterism - ways, potentials and possibilities of implementation

The focus was on the goal-oriented and economic options, in order to achieve a CO2-neutral energy supply and hermetically sealed building envelope as well as to show high energy efficiency when using. On the other hand building protection regulations and the quality in use are to be considered.

S I P settlement models in passive house quality

Research, development and realization of integral building concepts in passive house quality!


Passive House refurbishment facade with integrated photovoltaic modules for direct, current-based warm water preheating. The GIWOG, an energy-conscious and environmentally and socially oriented client, intends to undertake an energy-related modernisation project, which will further optimise energy consumption to be more efficient at an apartment complex in Graz, main street 302-306. The goal is to lower the energy consumption for heating and hot water from the current level of approximately 135 kWh /m²a to approximately 8 kWh /m²a. The planned measures should correspond with an overall energy consumption reduction of approx. 94 %.

Effective Comfort in a Climatic comfort house

Sophisticated implementation of different passive house-building services systems on a basis of four similar parts of a structure of multi-storey dwelling houses.

WHISCERS. Whole House In-Situ Carbon & Emission Reduction Solution

Whiscers is a system for installing internal wall insulation with minimal mess, whilst the resident remains in the property. It involves measuring the walls in the property using a laser device that enables fast and highly accurate measurement. Information is then sent electronically to a computer controlled off-site cutting machine that is rapid, precise and mess-free.

Innovation & Cost efficiency: Building standards for multi family residential buildings at optimal cost (Inno-Cost)

In this project, innovative building standards were examined concerning their economical aspects through the life cycle of a building. By means of life cycle-costs for 40-50 multi family lowest energy and passive house residential buildings on actual data from the day-to-day operation, reliable data and know-how was compiled for the first time, which is to support further market penetration of innovative building standards in the field of multi family residential buildings.

e80^3-Buildings - Sub project 4: Demonstration object

Alongside the realisation of the plus energy building in Kapfenberg, a demonstration project is scheduled to be created that accomplishes an economically viable and technically innovative solution for the future.


Multi-Activ-Facade is a pre-manufactured, multifunctional panellised façade, which incorporates ventilation with heat recovery, passive house windows and photovoltaic for smart self-supply within retrofitting measures. The specific challenge is the application within social housing.

OPEN LIVING PLUS - building structures and utilization options with high social functionality and plusEnergie-standard for rural regions

In small to medium sized communities in rural Regions there is a high demand for sustainable building and space for innovative living facilities, to satisfy the requirements of current and coming life designs. The project’s intentions were to provide social scientific groundwork, develop building structures and utilization options of high social functionality and to transfer knowledge to decision makers in communities and regional authorities.

Serial refurbishment for buildings in timber construction

Refurbishment of single- and two-familiy houses in timber construction in Austria has a large CO2-saving potential. To meet the special requirements for the refurbishment of timber constructions, a concept for the renovation to passive house respectively plus-energy house standard with special focus on ecologic construction materials was developed in this project.

CombiSol: solar combisystems for houses, state-of-the-art and potentials for improvements

Evaluation of the quality and efficiency of state-of-the-art installed solar combisystems, potentials for improvements and measures to increase the quality

Evaluation of temperature differentiation on a room-by-room basis in passive house apartments

In the passive house Utendorfgasse a room–by-room temperature control was installed in 11 apartments. The experiences were evaluated from a technological and from a sociological point of view.

win wi[e]n: block development ground floor zone: Optimization of the Viennese block renewal programm as a tool for a sustainable development of street level and open (public) spaces of urban fabric

Development of the Viennese Block Renewal Program with a special focus on the ground floor zone of historical urban fabric (on the basis of the case study Block Renewal Area Ilgplatz, Vienna): sustainable restructuring and reusing of the blocks at ground level, including courtyards and street spaces- as a comprehensive planning approach.

Development of a strategy for industrialized serial production of ecological passive houses made out of renewable resources

Development of a strategy for industrialized seria. production of ecological passive solar houses made out of building materials based on renewable resources as foundation for the dissemination of sustainable solutions for the production of prefabricated houses and of single houses.

Urban consolidation Lehen - Subproject 8a: project management - documentation - dissemination and quality assurance

The project coordinates several projects in the urban quarter Lehen to ensure increase of energy efficiency and sustainable development. This subproject contains the coordination of the partners and projects in order to reach defined standards of quality, coordination and cooperation with the program "Building of Tomorrow" and other flagship projects as well as the documentation of results.

Possibilities of urban high-rise multi-storey buildings in a timber-frame method with target course eight or more floors

Research of urban high-rise multi-storey buildings in a timber-frame construction method. Fundamental clarification of the feasibility in relation to the supporting structure, fire prevention and security. SWOT analysis as well as economic, ecological research concerning sustainable design.

Reconstruction of residential buildings "Tschechenring": ecologically reconstruction of monumental-protected residential buildings for workers (1880) in Felixdorf

Planning and realisation of a demonstration project for the exemplary reconstruction of monumental-protected residential buildings of the late 19th century or comparable housing estates of the 30s under consideration of energetic optimization, renewable energy sources and regenerating raw materials.

ECR Energy City Graz - subproject 3: +ERS - Plus Energy Network Reininghaus Süd

The multifunctional neighbourhood "+ERS - Plus Energy Network Reininghaus Süd" was realized within the urban planning area of Graz-Reininghaus. The project aims to optimize the energy concept of the single buildings as well as of the building cluster in order to achieve a plus-energy standard within the residential neighbourhood.

Optimisation of ecological construction components for industrial serial production of precast elements

The project focused on passive house elements from straw and clay. Special interest was paid at a novel straw insulation as well as at an efficient drying process of the clay. Sustainability of the building materials was a very important aspect within the project.

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