Urban consolidation Lehen - Subproject 8a: project management - documentation - dissemination and quality assurance

The project coordinates several projects in the urban quarter Lehen to ensure increase of energy efficiency and sustainable development. This subproject contains the coordination of the partners and projects in order to reach defined standards of quality, coordination and cooperation with the program "Building of Tomorrow" and other flagship projects as well as the documentation of results.

Short Description

This project is a sub project of the flagship project "Urban consolidation Lehen".




The main aim of the lead project "Stadtumbau Lehen" is to upgrade the city district Lehen by different building projects and accompanying measures as well as to dramatically increase the energy efficiency and the contingent of renewable energies by using solar energy (thermal or by PV). All projects shall be carried out with a broad sustainability and also under consideration of ecological and social aspects.

This sub-project contains the necessary coordination of all partners, different activities of the project management as well as measures for quality assurance and documentation.

A well organised project management is very important for such a broad district project in order to guarantee an efficient transaction of the project and also to enable the possibilities for know how transfer within this huge and competent consortium. Within the project "Green Solar Cities" a common agreement on quality standards was established and signed by all partners. This agreement rules the quality aims but also project organisation and coordination. It was evaluated before building start in summer 2009 and the results are published in the quality insurance report.

This application contains the activities of the second project year (October 2010 – September 2011):

AP 1+2: Project management:

  • Project management activities in relation to "Haus der Zukunft plus" (meetings of the project coordinators, reports …)
  • Initiation of cooperation with other "Haus der Zukunft plus" projects and exchange of experience
  • Organisation of working groups for the different topics
  • Supervisory steering group meeting once in a month
  • Co-ordination of all working procedures and contact with the funding programs Haus der Zukunft and Concerto
  • networking with the national and international partners for experience exchange

AP 3: Reflection about the interruption of the demonstration project "Sanierung Bürohochhaus"

  • Results of the project
  • Analysis why the project promoter has inhibitions by the implementation of innovative, sustainable building projects
  • Interview of the project promoters in Salzburg

AP 4: documentation and dissemination activities

  • documentation of the pre-results
  • production of other information material, put results and actual infos on the web-side, article for a print medium and presentation of the project on the fair "Bauen und Wohnen" in Salzburg in February 2011.
  • Preparation of presentation material and activities to introduce it

Project Partners

Project management

Heidemarie Bernsteiner, Monika Bischof
SIR - Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung und Wohnen


Birgit Danninger, Bettina Rauch, Helmut Strasser, Inge Straßl
SIR - Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung und Wohnen

Contact Address

SIR - SalzburgerInstitut für Raumordnung & Wohnen
Heidemarie Bernsteiner
Schillerstraße 25, 5020 Salzburg
Tel.: +43 (662) 623455
E-Mail: heidemarie.bernsteiner@salzburg.gv.at
Web: www.sir.at