Urban consolidation Lehen

The key project "Stadtumbau Lehen" ("urban consolidation Lehen") coordinates several projects at the urban district of Lehen, with the purpose of the raise in energy efficiency and safekeeping of a sustainable development. Four builder (ten teams of architects), two scientifically institutions, the town of Salzburg and two attended departments of the land are working together.

Short Description

This project is a "Building of Tomorrow" flagship-project




Starting point / motivation

At the urban district of Lehen in Salzburg several projects, which will change and recondition the urban district essential, will be carried out during the following years. Several demonstration projects will be supported by the EU within the Concerto II Projects "Green Solar Cities".

Contents and goals

A superior purpose is the achievement of a preferable high contingent of renewable energy in an urban district. The strategic plan to the attainment is based on two pillars:

  • High efficient buildings (building envelope, efficiency of electricity)
  • The use of thermal solar power and photovoltaic in the urban district

Moreover a preferable high approach of different aspects in energy efficiency and sustainability (such as ecology, social aspects, mobility and the planning of free spaces) will be tried to implicate in all considerations.

  • New construction of about 300 apartments, a kindergarten and a hall of residence on the former area of the energy supply company (start of construction in November 2009 - completion in Autumn 2011)
  • New construction of a science and technology park (planning period)
  • Big solar thermal system with 2.000 m² collector with an improved buffer technology and a micro net for the maintenance of the whole new construction area (end of the simulation phase)
  • 200 m² integrated photovoltaic at the part of the residential buildings
  • Reconstruction of several residential buildings from the from the nineteen-forties and fifties in the urban district
  • Construction of a passive house with twelve apartments in the Esshaverstreet
  • New construction of the old stadium area with municipal library, stores and 40 subsidized apartments.
  • Construction of senior citizens apartments, a foster home and subsidized apartments for rent.

The several projects should be coordinated and a quality arrangement was elaborated and signed by all partners, to agree on the energetic standards, the superior purposes, the cooperation and a time schedule.

The Concerto project was started in June 2007 and will be in process until the end of May 2012. During the course of the project several building projects and themes have resulted, which haven't been fixed at the date of the signature of the contract of ''Green Solar Cities'' or which have been offered by the already started work of ''Green Solar Cities''. The program Building of tomorrow plus brings the chance to accelerate the good started activities at the urban district Lehen and to really expand the ambitious purposes of the quality arrangement to all projects at the urban district Lehen. Furthermore several absolute highlight projects should be created.

Priorities of the Building of tomorrow plus key project "Stadtumbau Lehen" in direct addition to ''Green Solar Cities'' particularly are the following points:

  • Energy efficient reconstruction of an office tower of the nineteen-sixties

    Based on an examination of different variants possibilities should get demonstrated, to see high efficient reconstruction in the commercial area and also aspects of architecture (integrated photovoltaic) as a part of the marketing and the image of the company. In this way the reconstruction of the skyscraper should get an eye catcher in the area.

  • Development of a specific intelligent energy monitoring with feedback to the users and a test run at the Stadtwerke area for two years

    The experiences of the property management show that the energy consumption doesn't decrease that strong, like the technical improvement of the building area would conform. So it will be considered, how, with the use of e-monitoring, grounds can be optimized on the one hand and the usage pattern improved on the other hand.

  • Public relations and the integration of the inhabitants and users in the process

    The sociocultural aspects should also find consideration in here: on one hand, in a wide range of information and public relations within the urban district in order to transport the ambitious purposes to the population and on the other hand, in a concrete way at the information and cooperation of the inhabitants of the existing buildings, which should get reconstructed and the new inhabitants.

  • Documentation and dissemination of the results

    The achieved results should get well prepared and documented. At the same time, the results of the several investigations and researches as well as a detailed documentation of the whole project should get accessible to experts.

  • Quality control and coordination

    A project that claims such a wide range of activities and building projects to coordinate, needs a good project managmement structure and a good communication. According to this a controlling of the time schedule and a quality control of the several activities will be carried out to ensure that the ambitious purposes can be really achieved.

Project Partners

Project management

Inge Strassl
SIR Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung & Wohnen

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Inge Strassl
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