Urban consolidation Lehen - Subproject 3: Demonstration project - intelligent e-monitoring

The aim of the project was the implementation of an innovative energy consumption monitoring concept with the active integration of the residents and a study of the resulting effects on the energy consumption behaviour.

Short Description

This project is a sub project of the flagship project "Urban consolidation Lehen".




Starting point/Motivation

The projected monitoring concept for the lead project Stadtumbau Lehen differs from other similar and already existing solutions: additionally to the use of smart meters and a tool for visualising the consumption data the residents shall be actively involved in the project by mutual communication. A better integration, information and service of the residents shall effect a higher willingness to be actively engaged in the topic energy consumption and the costs and emissions arising thereby.

Contents and Objectives

78 units of gswb of the totally 300 new erected dwellings on the former area of the Salzburger Stadtwerke have been equipped with smart meters and so integrated in the project as test dwellings, divided into different test groups. Tenants have been informed about the project and its targets from the beginning and intensively counselled during the whole period of the research project by a 24-h-serviceline, personal energy advise and feedback discussions. By different test groups potential barriers resp. incentives for the use of monitoring tools should have been evaluated.


By visualising the consumption data appliances, high energy consumption could be identified and in further consequence be removed resp. replaced. By this tenants' costs for energy should decrease as well as the overall energy consumption.

The central question in this project: Are there any and if yes which effects are there by providing and visualising the energy consumption data in connection with different kind of information and counselling of the tenants in the test dwellings. For this purpose measurement results have been analysed, tenants have been interviewed and results from the running management of the facilities and counselling of the tenants was included in the project.

Salzburg AG had the chance to get practical experience with the interaction of smart meters, meter data-management system and web portal. Project partner gswb could gain valuable results for a further use of monitoring tools in new buildings.


Due to unforeseen short-term apartment occupancy by tenants of the adjacent torn down Strubergasse-buildings and abolition of the originally planned moderated allocation of test-apartments, the participation in the project was very low. The results therefor cannot be clearly interpreted statistically and will be evaluated qualitatively in the following.

To ensure future successful projects in the field of intelligent e-monitoring in public housing, it should be assured that affected tenants bring interest to house technical innovations. Since the savings in high-quality energy-efficient new buildings are already rather low, the framework should be reviewed in detail to ensure economic success.

Project Partners

Project management

Salzburg AG

Project or cooperation partners

  • GSWB (gemeinnützige Wohnbaugesellschaft)
  • SIR – Salzburger Institut für Raumordung und Wohnen, Salzburg

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