Development of a strategy for industrialized serial production of ecological passive houses made out of renewable resources

Development of a strategy for industrialized seria. production of ecological passive solar houses made out of building materials based on renewable resources as foundation for the dissemination of sustainable solutions for the production of prefabricated houses and of single houses.

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The main aim of this project was to develop suggestions and concepts for the construction of prefabricated houses to strengthen the Austrian building industry in order to become more competitive on the international market.

For a successful dissemination of passive houses made of renewable resources, the acceptance of the consumer and a competitive price are important. In order to reach that goal, the production of houses should not only be customised, but also cost-efficient.


The study is based on several other "Haus der Zukunft" studies and their theoretical and technical results as well as on preliminary studies carried out by the beneficiary and contacts to the world leader in the production of prefabricated houses.


The developed strategy for the industrialised series production of ecological passive houses is based on the principles of the development of sustainable technologies. Technical as well as organizational solutions are part of this strategy. Existing technologies are analysed, and it is shown how renewable raw materials can be processed and how standardised prefabricated components can be used to build modular and flexible houses.

For the efficient organisation of production, the concept of a "virtual factory" is proposed. In this "factory", small and medium-sized enterprises are working in a decentralised mode, but at the same time cooperate in networks and are centrally managed in order to increase their competitiveness.


The use of renewable resources and industrialised series production makes for a competitive and sustainable production of ecological passive houses. The small and medium-sized enterprises of the Austrian building sector are being encouraged through the organization model of the "virtual factory" and it can be gained a continuous added value for the Austrian and international market by the application of flexible, customised and innovative modes of production.

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Dr. Robert Wimmer
GrAT - Gruppe Angepasste Technologie, TU Wien

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Dr. Robert Wimmer
GrAT - Gruppe Angepasste Technologie, TU Wien
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