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Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

Bioenergy and Sustainable Development - Climate Change Mitigation and Opportunities for Sustainability Co-Benefits

23. - 24. May 2022
Online, AT

The aim of this e-Workshop is to provide practical information to qualify the contributions of bioenergy to climate change mitigation, highlight the opportunities and co-benefits of biomass supply chains (beyond energy provision) and open the prospects of stimulating such co-benefits and managing trade-offs.

Internationale Energieagentur (IEA)

Webinar: Future weather data and heatwaves

31. May 2022
Online, AT

Well-insulated and air-tight buildings are known to be vulnerable to overheating. An increase in the severity and duration of heatwaves is expected, resulting in more severe overheating risks, affecting on their turn the health and mortality of building users. To achieve more future-proof buildings, it is crucial to design buildings that are "resilient" to overheating in future climate conditions.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

Circular Bio-based Europa Joint Undertaking: Info Day

7. Juni 2022

Join the CBE JU Info Day to learn about the 2022 call for project proposals and meet with other potential applicants.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

8th Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry of South-East Europe (RSE-SEE 8)

11. - 15. July 2022
TU Graz, AT

The 8th Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry of South-East Europe will be held in Graz, Austria on 10-15 July 2022. The specific objective of the RSE-SEE 8 is to address the most advanced directions and new achievements in fundamental and applied electrochemistry, to expand knowledge and to develop new improved materials and processes.

Internationale Energieagentur (IEA)

EuroSun 2022 Conference

25. - 29. September 2022
Kassel, Germany

ISES and IEA SHC International Conference on Solar Energy for Buildings and Industry

Internationale Energieagentur (IEA)

14. IEA Heat Pump Conference

15. - 18. May 2023
Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel, Chicago, U.S.

The theme of the Conference will be "Heat Pumps - Resilient and Efficient". The upcoming conference will serve as a forum to discuss the latest technologies in heat pumps, and exchange valuable knowledge in market, policy, and standards information on related technologies. Exhibitions will be held at the conference, to share products and technologies.