Konferenz: 18th IAPS Conference EVALUATION IN PROGRESS

7. Jul 2004 - 10. Jul 2004
Vienna University of Technology - Freihaus, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8
1040 Vienna, AT

Strategies for Environmental Research and Implementation


bco - j. breit congress organisation


This conference is research and practice in progress - it will provide a forum for scientists, professional practicioners, and policy makers to debate ways and means of stimulating new proposals, documenting existing situations and assessing diverse tools and techniques that can promote evaluation and user feedback.

The special aim of this conference is to cover actual developments and topics, such as:

  • Housing surveys
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Health and Social Impact Assessment
  • Post-Occupancy Evaluations (POEs)
  • Small- and Full-Scale Simulation Tools and Techniques
  • Computer Modelling and (on-line) simulation tools



Members IAPS, EDRA, MERA, PAPER € 320


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