Bioenergy in Austria

Technological expertise for biomass-based heat, power and transport fuels

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Series 52/2019
D. Bacovsky, D. Matschegg
Publisher: BMVIT
English, 60 pages

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Bioenergy in Austria is a success story, both in terms of technological development as well as of market implementation. A strong biomass resource base along with policy measures providing national demand for bioenergy have provided the environment needed for companies and research institutes to engage in joint research projects, develop bioenergy technologies and become widely renown for related expertise. Today, some 100 companies provide bioenergy technologies, backed up by some 20 research institutes and 40 universities and technical colleges active in the field of bioenergy.

The present survey helps to bring Austria's strengths into international networks and supports all future efforts and measures regarding bioenergy as an important component of a comprehensive bioeconomy.