Multifunctional Energy Centres - The Biogas Example

Generating heat, power and engine fuel - projects within the subprogram "Energy systems of tomorrow"
Research Forum 1/2009

Publisher: BMVIT
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Expanding a biogas plant into a "multifunctional energy centre" offers a good chance of the facility generating more value locally long-term. Several different R&D projects concerned with the technologies required, the layout of "multifunctional energy centres" and implementation in demonstration projects and pilot regions have been carried out within the "Energy Systems of Tomorrow" subprogram.


    Model Systems for multifunctional Energy Centres
    Generating heat, power and engine fuel
    The biogas plant in Margarethen am Moos
    Factbox: biogas facility in Margarethen am Moos
    Processing biogas efficiently with membrane technology
    The agricultural raw-material base for producing biogas
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