Digital technologies

Digital technologies in order to make the most out of renewable energy sources.
energy innovation austria 1/2022

Publisher: BMK in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund
English, 12 pages

Content Description

Digitalisation is an enabler and driver of the energy transition and is playing a key role in our efforts to make our energy system climateneutral by 2040. Digital solutions are helping to save energy and use it efficiently in all areas of the economy and are allowing renewable energy from wind, solar and hydropower to be integrated and used sustainably.

Content overview

  • Topic: Digitalisation
    A driver and enabler for the energy transition
  • Project: DIGI-HYDRO
    Digitalisation and data analysis as the basis for new strategies in hydropower
  • Project: ADVANCE!
    Models for forecasting the ageing of PV systems
  • Project: ROHAN
    Digital twin for optimising technical control of a rotation heat pump
  • Project: SOWINDIC
    Smart operation of rotor blade heating systems on wind turbines