Energy storage systems

Key technologies for the energy transition
energy innovation austria 5/2021

Publisher: BMK in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund
English, 16 pages

Content Description

Efficient and reliable energy storage systems are central building blocks for an integrated energy system based 100% on renewable energy sources. Innovative storage technologies and new fields of application for the use of energy storage systems are being researched and demonstrated in practical operations as part of national and international research and development activities.

Content overview

  • Topic: Innovative storage technologies
    Building blocks for the energy system of the future
  • International Networking: ENERGY STORAGE
    Technology Programme of the International Energy Agency IEA
  • Study: Energy storage systems in Austria
    Market development 2020
  • Project: Underground Sun Storage 2030
    Storing wind and solar energy in natural-gas storage facilities
  • Project: GIGATES
    Giga-scale storage systems for the sustainable heat supply of urban quarters
  • Project: HyStEPs
    Hybrid storage concept for efficient industrial processes
  • Project: Gmunden High Temperature Heat Link R&D
    Using industrial waste heat
  • Project: Car2Flex
    E-car batteries as power storage systems
  • Project: SecondLifeBatteries4Storage
    New life for used batteries from e-mobility