Innovative construction

resource-friendly, energy efficient and climate-neutral
energy innovation austria 4/2021

Publisher: BMK in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund
English, 12 pages

Content Description

Many forward-looking developments have been implemented in the building sector in Austria in recent years to improve the energy efficiency and ecological sustainability of buildings. Innovative technologies and concepts for sustainable construction of new buildings and renovation aim to consider the entire life cycle of a building and drastically reduce climate-damaging emissions in all phases - from construction and use to deconstruction and recycling.

Content overview

  • Topic: Sustainability in the construction sector
    Strategies and concepts: from planning to deconstruction
  • Study: Increasing the renovation rate
    Challenges for the construction industry
  • Study: Recyclable solid construction materials
    Opportunities and potentials of the circular economy
  • Demo project: sustainable overall concept
    Energy²POG – Hybrid energy concept for Steirereck/Pogusch
  • Study: CO2-neutral construction site
    Measures to reduce emissions in construction
  • Trend analysis: Digitalisation in the Austrian construction industry
    Effects on the labour market