Smart Energy Systems

Multilateral collaboration on innovation for the energy supply of the future
energy innovation austria 1/2021

Publisher: BMK in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund
English, 16 pages

Content Description

Transforming the energy system to 100% renewable energy requires not only intelligent technologies and solutions, but also new business models, using sector coupling or setting up integrated regional and local energy systems. Austria is an active player in transnational research partnerships, networking to share knowledge and experience, and working with international partners to drive innovation forward for the energy system of the future.

Topic overview

  • Topic: Transnational collaboration
    for a sustainable energy system
  • Project - Transnational: CLUE
    Pilot regions for local energy communities in four EU countries
  • Project - National: Blockchain grid
    Testing local management of energy, storage systems and networks
  • Project - Transnational: LarGo!
    Secure roll-out of smart grid applications in distribution networks
  • Interview: Patrick Child
    Deputy Director-General
    Directorate-General Research and Innovation (DG RTD) European Commission
  • Project - National: ABS4TSO
    High-dynamic services for the power grid
  • Project - Transnational: SUPER P2G
    Using renewable energy sources more effectively with power-to-gas
  • Project - National: Clean Energy 4 Tourism
    Modern control technology for high energy efficiency in tourist regions
  • Project - Transnational: HEATflex
    Staying competitive in the district heating sector