Positive energy districts

Sustainable urban solutions for Austrian towns and municipalities
energy innovation austria 4/2020

Publisher: BMK in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund
English, 12 pages

Content Description

Towns and municipalities can become pioneers of progress towards climate neutrality. Positive energy districts are urban areas that are able to meet their own energy needs by optimising building infrastructure, maximising efficiency in every area of energy consumption, and implementing innovative business models. Here in Austria innovative solutions are being developed and demonstrated in real-world settings.

Content overview

  • Topic: Strategies
    for climate-neutral cities and communities offering a high quality of life
  • Project: Itz Smart
    Carbon-neutral urban district development in Salzburg
  • Project: The City As An Energy Storage System
    Sustainable energy supply in existing buildings
  • Project: Smart City Wörgl
    Südtiroler Siedlung housing development as a "Zero emission region"
  • Project: Campagne-Reichenau Innsbruck
    Cooperative planning for a smart city district
  • Project: Positive energy renovation
    of the heritage-listed Otto Wagner Area