Integrated energy systems

Citizens take an active role in the energy transition
energy innovation austria 3/2020

Publisher: BMK in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund
English, 12 pages

Content Description

The "Green Energy Lab" is Austria's largest living lab to research and test exciting new concepts and solutions for an energy system of the future that runs on 100% renewable energy. A key part of these efforts is bringing stakeholders and users on board at an early stage and developing innovative business models.

Content overview

  • Topic: Shaping the future of energy
    Involving users in the innovation process
  • Project: Hybrid DH DEMO
    New business models for wind power in the Neusiedl energy hub
  • Project: Heat Water Storage Pooling
    Heat storages for a more flexible energy system
  • Project: BEYOND
    New market designs for optimised local and regional energy systems
  • Project: R2EC
    Regional Renewable Energy Cells
  • Project: Zukunftsquartier 2.0
    Integrating positive energy districts into power grids and heating networks