Green hydrogen

Helping to shape the future of energy
energy innovation austria 1/2020

Publisher: BMK in cooperation with the Climate and Energy Fund
English, 14 pages

Content Description

As a climate-neutral energy carrier and raw material, green hydrogen can make a valuable contribution to the decarbonisation of industry and transportation. It can act as a means of storing excess energy which helps integrate renewable energy sources into the energy system. In Austria, numerous innovative concepts and solutions for producing and using green hydrogen are currently being researched and tested.

Content overview

  • Topic "Green hydrogen and fuel cells"
    Key technologies on the path to climate neutrality
  • Project "KEYTECH4EV"
    Electric mobility with a fuel cell-battery hybrid
  • Project "H2FUTURE"
    Green hydrogen pilot plant at industrial scale
  • Project "UpHy I&II"
    Upscaling of green hydrogen for industry and mobility
  • Interview
    Vice Chairman of the Board of VERBUND
  • Project "HydroMetha"
    Coupling of high-temperature co-electrolysis and methanation
  • Project "FRONIUS SOLHUB"
    Local production, storage and use of solar hydrogen